Emmanuel-Pierre Guittet has taught courses on terrorism and antiterrorism, political violence, political movements and social change, international relations and security studies for undergraduate and postgraduate students at Sciences-Po (2000-2006), University of Montreal (2006-2008), University of Manchester (2008-2016), Université Libre de Bruxelles (2015 and 2017), Université Saint-Louis (2016-2018), Université Paris Nanterre (2021-2022), and University of Kent in Brussels (2022):

University of Kent in Brussels (Brussels, Belgium) [2022]

Critical Approaches to Security

Université Paris Nanterre (Nanterre, France) [2021-2022]

Approches professionnelles de la radicalisation

Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) (Brussels, Belgium) [2017-2018]

Politiques sociales et prévention de la délinquance

Université Saint-Louis (Brussels, Belgium) [2016-2018]

Introduction to Theories of International Relations

University of Manchester (United Kingdom) [2008-2016]

Advanced Graduate Seminar on International Politics (MA)

International Terrorism under question (MA)

Terrorism and political violence in Europe (UG3)

Security Studies (UG2 & UG3)

Politics of Obscenity (UG3)

The rationnale of this course could be expressed in three main claims: (1) Politics, as a discipline, is not enough to understand politics, (2) there is a need to render historical what has hitherto been hidden from history, and (3) obscenity is more than an engagement with the immoral, the filthy and the proscribed; it is the basis of an argument on the philosophy of knowledge and the sociology of science.

Social Movements and Political Change (UG2)

Research Methods in Politics (UG2) and Research Design and Methodology in International Politics (UG3)

Authority, Subjectivity and Temporality (MA)

Sciences-Po Paris (Paris, France) [2000-2006]

IR, Peace and Conflicts studies (MA)

Sociology of Terrorism and Antiterrorism (UG3)

Historical culture of Police and surveillance (UG2)

Conflicts Regulation and Security (UG3)

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