International Political Sociology: Looking for Transversal Lines

International Political Sociology: Transversal Lines

Edited by Tugba Basaran, Didier Bigo, Emmanuel-Pierre Guittet and R.B.J. Walker

Routledge, 2016

This book presents an overview and evaluation of contemporary research in international political sociology (IPS). Bringing together leading scholars from many disciplines and diverse geographical backgrounds, it provides unprecedented coverage of the key concepts and research through which IPS has opened up new ways of thinking about international relations. It also considers some of the consequences of such innovations for established forms of social and political analysis. It thus takes the reader on an intellectual journey engaging with questions about boundaries and limits among the many interrelated worlds in which we now live, the ways we conceptualise them, and how we continually reshape boundaries of identities, spaces, authorities and disciplinary knowledge.

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Security Studies: Questions of Methods

Questions of Methods: How to Do Critical Security Studies?

Critical secucouv_c_c_102rity studies has not escaped from the renewed interest in methodology which has swept across International Relations and, more generally, the social sciences in recent years. Yet, is there a particular methodological approach which meets the critical imperative of this field of study? This special issue of Cultures & Conflits aims to open up a dialogue on methodological practices as they are put to the test and “methodological bricolage” as a source, obstacle, and space for the development of a refined, insured, and engaged critique within security studies.