Funded research

TRAJECTOIRES – Research on the trajectories of people involved or engaged in a radicalisation process leading to violence


Funded by Fédération WallonieBruxelles (2018-2020). Research carried out with Fabienne Brion (UCL) and Younes Nassir-Sahli.

The path that some individuals take to a point at which they may be willing to kill others and themselves is today’s most pressing security concern. It is a journey that is still too poorly understood despite dozens of theoretical models and profile studies.

Read more (in French): FWB -TRAJECTOIRES KickOff Meeting Fevrier 2018

FORA – Preventing Radicalisation? Expectations, Results and Prospects


Funded by the municipality of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean (2017-2018). Research carried out with Fabienne Brion (UCL) and Foued Bellali (ASBL2bouts).

The aim of the research is to re-examine what are the professional and personal expectations, concerns and challenges of all the professionals involved in the prevention of radicalisation in Molenbeek.

Read the Executive Summary (currently available in French, in English and in Dutch)

AFFECT – Impact Assessment of Belgian De-Radicalisation Policies Upon Social Cohesion and Liberties


(Evaluatie van de impact van het Belgisch deradicalisering beleid op de sociale cohesie en (sociale) rechten). BRAIN-be framework (BELSPO) 2016-2020. Research carried out with Fabienne Brion (UCL), Sofie de Kimpe (VUB), Kristof Verfaillie (VUB), Charlotte Vanneste (NICC) and Coline Remacle (NICC).

Building on theoretical insights from the sociology of mobilisation, the objective of the four-year research project AFFECT is to assess the efficiency of Belgian de-radicalisation and counter-terrorism policies and programmes, and their impacts on social cohesion and liberties (read more).


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